The feelgood factor

The Feel Good Factor : A Positive Guide to Managing Unwanted Stress

by David Horton BSc. [ Hons. ], C. Psychol.

A new practical guide from Peter Honey Publications.

Although many ‘stress management’ books give good information on thriving on stress, they do not always show you how to actually do it ! This Practical Guide has been designed to fill the ‘gap in the market’ and enable you to understand the Feel Good Factor, get maximum benefits and deal with your unique needs and situations.

This Guide has been designed to help you look at the full picture – your body, thoughts, emotions and lifestyle. You will quickly get to grips with unwanted physical, mental and emotional reactions, learn to design your life and experience The Feel Good Factor.

Feeling good is a skill like driving a car. Unfortunately there is no formal instruction that

leads to the equivalent of a driving test in developing the Feel Good Factor. Most of us try

to cope the hard way, by trial and error, or by copying other people we admire or who look

as if they are coping better than we are ! We seldom work to create the Feel Good Factor.

You don’t have to grit your teeth and put up with things that are getting you down and causing painful and unwanted stress in your life. The Feel Good Factor will help you look at where you are now, where you want to be, and then learn and use the most effective stress management system and skills to help you create a Lifestyle Improvement Plan.

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